Roxy Roca

Where can I buy their music?

Roxy Roca responded on 09/21/2017

Hi Scott! So we currently have three albums for sale: Ain't Nothin Fancy, Basement Tapes vol. 1, and our live album Live at the Good Music Club (recorded live in Austin). Ain't Nothin Fancy is the only one available in iTunes, and truthfully we don't really see any of the money if you buy a digital copy that way.

If you were interested in grabbing any of those three albums directly from us, I would be happy to mail whatever you'd like. We sell Ain't Nothin Fancy and Basement Tapes for $15, and the Good Music Club record is $25 because it comes with a CD and a DVD of the performance shot in high-definition. I also have a few copies of Ain't Nothin' Fancy and the Good Music Club albums on vinyl if you were more interested in in buying an LP than a CD.

Let me know if you're interested by emailing me at and we can set up an order for you.


Roxy Roca

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