Roxy Roca

Interested in possibly booking Roxy Roca for a birthday party in the future, in Connecticut can you give me an approximate price?

Roxy Roca responded on 06/26/2017

Hi! It's hard to give you an approximate price without knowing more details. Because the event would be in CT and we live in TX, we would either have to coordinate an effort to build a tour around your event, so that we made enough money to cover the costs to get all the way to CT, or you would have to pay us enough to warrant making that trip either by car or plane.

Price can vary based on how far out you'd like to secure the band for a particular date. Do you have a date for your event?

We would also need to know if you would be providing lodging, meals, a PA for the performance, access to any sort of instrument backline, and how long you would like the band to play.

Please email me at with those details, and I can try to give you an approximate price.


Roxy Roca

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